(The characters in this post are NPCs)

Lieutenant Jordis was excited.  This was the first time he had been put in any type of command position.  He was only responsible for a small group of Children of the Light and the mission was a simple recruiting mission.  The Altaran sat quietly at the Children's table in The Crown in the Lion.  Four Children surrounded him.  Child Amelia, the only female with them, was getting a refill on her mug of ale.

Another Child, Child Rori, excused himself to do the same.  A mumble was heard in the inn and suddenly Child Rori was enraged.  "Darkfriend!"

He was suddenly surrounded by the men at the table.  The other Children jumped to their comrade's defense, and before Lieutenant Jordis could register what was happening, a brawl was started.
Vika Mathis - White Tower Novice
Luka Valindor - Lord Captain Commander of the Children of the Light
Ignis Caleum - Warder Recruit