Name:  Torianin Soulane

Age:  66

Gender:  Female

Origin:  Seanchan

Occupation:  Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah

Appearance:  Torianin is of average height, around 5’4”, with pale and freckled skin.  She has orange hair that curls in all different directions, and green eyes to compliment it.  She is of a thin build, still choosing to eat only when she decides. She favors dark green dresses with cream accents.  Even after being freed from the a’dam almost forty years ago, she never wears necklaces, and the necklines of her dresses never touch her throat.  

History: Torianin doesn’t remember much of her life before the a’dam, and she doesn’t care to.  She remembers caring parents and a relatively happy childhood, but she will never forget her twin sister.  Torianin and Lumanin were born identical twins. Though her sister is still ingrained in her memory, she doesn’t remember what may have triggered the hatred she felt later on.

When the girls were sixteen, they were tested by a sul’dam, to see if they were damane.  Torianin stepped forward first, trying to reassure Lumanin. Most girls were not. Torianin was, it turned out.  She screamed as the first invisible blows hit her as she panicked. The der’sul’dam noticed Lumanin and asked the sul’dam to see if she could wear the bracelet of the a’dam.  She could. The two were carted away, and began their training. And, so it was that Torianin’s sul’dam was her twin sister.

Lumanin was different now.  She had cut her red hair to appear different than Torianin.  She berated her and accused her of things that she had no memory of.  Now that her twin was her sul’dam, she renamed Torianin. She was now Ri.  The pain Ri felt through the a’dam was torrential and seemed never-ending, as it would come to her in her dreams as well.  Lumanin would over-feed her and under-fed her in turns, putting her body under stress. Sometimes the der’sul’dam would step in and have Lumanin guide another damane if she thought the mistreatment was too much.  She seemed to be the perfect sul’dam, except for when she held Ri’s leash. Ri was a good damane, though. She obeyed without hesitation and kept out of trouble.

When a new der’sul’dam was selected, however, she had no patience for the reports coming back about Lumanin’s treatment of her damane.  It was almost like mistreating a family pet. It was seen as cruel, if it was unnecessary. Having been ten years since they had become damane and sul’dam, though, the der’sul’dam simply didn’t want to deal with them anymore.  She sent them off across the ocean to bolster the failed Corenne, and ultimately out of her hair.

Tarabon under Seanchan control was much the same for the twins.  They lived the serve the Empress and the Empire. Except, this time, they were to impress the High Lady in charge and the king and Panarch as well.  As they settled into this new nation, Ri heard tales of the marath’damane outside Tarabon who had held back their forces with...men who could channel.  It all seemed preposterous, but it wasn’t. Apparently, the male marath’damane, if they could be called that, held watch at the borders.

Sometimes, the people of Tarabon would call the marath’damane Aes Sedai and mention how they held great sway in the world.  It was almost as if these dangerous women had faculties of their own, but did not cause undue harm. Ri held on to that image and began to do something dangerous.  She built herself back up. It was difficult, with Lumanin keeping her eyes on her every thought and feeling, it seemed. But she dreamed, knowing that it would likely never happen.  She was damane, and she would be for a long, long time.

And, then, the unthinkable happened.  Lumanin and Ri had been stationed in a camp to the west.  One of the Blood had been insulted by an Asha’man, or at least this was close to what Ri could know.  She wasn’t quite certain of the movements in this area. She just followed her sul’dam as directed. In the middle of the night, she was roused from her slumber by the usual invisible blow from the a’dam.  Without a word, she followed Lumanin outside and began to do battle with marath’damane.

It was terrifying.  A group of men and women who should have been properly collared, out and fighting sul’dam and damane.  Ri watched as the Aes Sedai countered lightnings with balls of Fire and whips of Air. She could not even see the flows of the One Power from the men.  In the flow of battle, they were pushed to a corner of the camp. Ri fought hard against a man and woman who seemed to be channeling in tandem. While she and Lumanin concentrated on the battle, Ri felt something strange behind her.  Something tickled at her neck. The confusion wasn’t enough to distract her, but the a’dam falling to the ground certainly did.

Lumanin screamed in shock and demanded she put the a’dam back on.  Green eyes slowly turned to look at the woman who had held the a’dam for over ten years.  Ri died then, and Torianin took control once again. She was never the strongest damane, but she was one of the quickest.  Instead of bending to obey, Torianin wove the Air and Fire for a lightning strike and struck her twin with it. The marath’damane around her quickly shielded her and ferreted her away.

The decision to go to the White Tower was easy, once the Aes Sedai explained what one was.  Torianin was exhausted and still frightened, but she knew she wanted to help change the world under her own power.  One Aes Sedai wove a gateway and ushered her to Tar Valon, or at least right outside it. She barely had time to take it in before the woman took her straight to the White Tower.  It being the middle of the night, the Mistress of Novices was woken up from her quarters. Torianin’s name was put into the novice book that night, and she was allowed to sleep.

Her time as a novice was short, because she was already much stronger than any novice.  She spent a small amount of time recovering from her years as a damane. She made friends and learned the rules and schedules she would need to know.  Torianin passed through the Three Arches and became an Accepted. She threw herself into her studies, learning the histories of these lands, learning of the Shadow and the creatures that live in the Blight.  Sometimes Aes Sedai would seem to encourage her toward their Ajahs, and Torianin wondered at that herself.

The Browns thought her knowledge of the Seanchan Empire and life as a damane would be invaluable.  The Grays thought she would likely make a good addition to them for similar reasons. The Reds and Greens were the most persistent, though.  While she backed down from social interactions sometimes, she was not afraid of battle. She would make a good representative of the White Tower to other channelers.  She was well-versed in battle weaves. When the time came, and emerged to the ring ter’angreal, she knew what her decision would be. While she saw the purpose of the Reds as noble and necessary, she chose the Greens.  She would find battle once again, and she would not back down. But, this was her goal coming true. She was taking her power back in the green shawl. Torianin would finally change the world for the better in her own terms.

Torianin made a reputation for herself in the Green Ajah as quiet.  While most Greens were blunt and sometimes brash, she felt observation was necessary in her role.  While she was quiet, she was also confident in her decisions and actions. She bonded a young Asha’man from Shienar, named Erishar Soulane.  He was rather scholarly and had a deep love of justice. They worked well together, and eventually their feelings for each other turned to love.  They married and had a daughter, Arenha, who insisted on being called Abby. She had her mother’s skin color, the pale with freckles, her father’s blue eyes and his stark black hair that was curly, like her mother’s.

Abby was very quiet, like Torianin, and seemed to take care of herself, living in her family’s quarters in the White Tower.  Despite not having any friends her own age for much of her life, she seemed to thrive in the Tower. She spoke with novices in the Library sometimes and would walk the Gardens to play.  Torianin hated to leave her when missions called for her, but Erishar would remind her that would be in the safest place she could be. Unfortunately for Erishar, he was not. During her last mission, Erishar was struck down by a dread lord, a man who could channel that neither of them could sense until he struck the killing blow from behind.  Torianin, now filled with rage atop the grief, avenged her husband with one of her signature lightning strikes. Another Gaidin found them and ushered her back to her sisters.

Too raw to see to herself, the other Aes Sedai made sure that Erishar was buried properly and that Torianin was seen to the Tower.  She and Abby comforted each other until the Captain General decided it was time for her to return to her duties. Abby was entered into the novice book while she was away, and some years later, she passed through the Three Arches in her absence as well.  Seeing her daughter excel and move forward has made her think perhaps it would be time to bond again.

Abby Soulane - Accepted
Torianin Soulane - Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah
Jhanic of the Serai Tomanelle - Algai d'siswai and Asha'man
Rasheta Sedai
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