Hi, guys!

I just wanted to give you a little insight into my thinking about these applications.

We all have different ways of writing.  Some of us are more prolific than others.  Some of us are not roleplayers of many words.  All that is totally okay!

I built these character profiles to have potential and a little wiggle room as you develop them.  These will tell you a little about the characters.  Enough to get you interested, but not absolutely everything, if that's what the writer wants.

I didn't include word minimums, except for the history of the character.  That way, there's not as much pressure to get absolutely everything right.  The most important story is about the history of the character.  If you can't get to that minimum, keep digging.  Keep asking your character questions.  

You may notice that I didn't include a spot for the character's personality.  That's because I think a character's personality really shines the best in the stories they're a part of.  However, if you want to include a little about your character's personality and how they speak to you, by all means, go ahead!

This includes anything you want to add.

This site and its story is built with the writer in mind.  All I ask is that you at least include what I've asked in the applications.  If you want to explore the character more, that's totally up to you!
Abby Soulane - Accepted
Torianin Soulane - Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah
Jhanic of the Serai Tomanelle - Algai d'siswai and Asha'man