My aim for this site is to be a fun writing experience, where people can relax. These rules are meant to take pressure off all players and minimize any conflicts or drama.

(I know words cut off in some places.  I'm not sure why, and I can't fix it right now.)
  • Communication:
      • We all have lives and worries.  There will be no pressure to post in a certain timeframe.
        • That being said, please be mindful of your writing partner on both ends.
        • Reach out to check on someone’s status, or to let your partner know of any stresses.
        • Do not harass your writing partner for a response.
        • Keep in mind to take care of each other.
      • If you have issues with writing with another player, you are under no obligation to write with them, no matter the reason.
      • If another player is causing issues with you that you cannot resolve, please let someone in the staff know.
      • We all love plot twists, but please try to warn your writing partner of big changes to your story.
        • If you still would like to keep it a secret, let your partner know in general terms that something big is coming.
          • For example:
          • Writer A wants to have Character 1 blow up their own house for their own plot, and make it a surprise to Character 2, Writer A can tell Writer B something like, "Character 1 is going to lash out, but it won't hurt or affect Character 2. This is just something they need to do."
        • If you feel uncomfortable with any part of a plot you are involved with, please let your partner know.
          • You always have the power to back out if it makes you too uncomfortable.
          • Your feelings and anxieties are valid, no matter how small they may seem.
  • Writing:
  • Do not cause major changes to another person’s character without permission.
      • Examples:  Death, physical or mental trauma, etc.
    • Do not play another’s character without permission.
      • Even if it’s something simple, like moving them across the room.  They may have a reason for staying where they are.
      • With as much political mind games that happen in character, the smallest movements or lack of movements can be important.
    • Do not write in a thread you are not tagged in without permission.
      • The only exception is if a thread is marked “Open”
    • Do not over-extend your character’s power, skills, or abilities.
    • Do not over-extend your character’s political or social prowess.
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