Before you read the rules for character creation, keep in mind these rules will be expanded upon when necessary in the Character Application forum.

Character Creation

    • You are allowed as many characters as you can handle.
      • There is no maximum cap on characters.
      • However, you should have at least one playable character.
    • Characters do not need to rise in the ranks in-character.
      • You may have a fully-raised Aes Sedai or a heron-marked blade-carrying Blademaster fully written.
      • Just detail their journey to this rank in your bio.
    • There are Three Classes of Characters:
  • Standard Characters
        • Start a thread with your character’s name and the status of your application in the title
          • WIC (Work in Progress), U/C (Under Construction), Complete, or Finished
        • When your application is marked Finished or Complete, a moderator will review the application.
        • If there are any concerns with the application, they will send you a PM.
        • When your application is approved, they will post immediately after with the approval message, and your application will be locked and moved to the Approved Characters Forum.
  • Admin-Approval Characters
        • These characters will be sent directly to the admin via PM for approval
        • Any changes or concerns will be addressed by the admin to the writer
        • Once the admin approves a character, the writer will post the approved application in the Character Applications forum with an "Admin-Approved" tag in the title.
        • The admin will then confirm the approval and move the character to the Approved Characters forum.
          • If a character needing admin approval is posted without actual approval, it will be removed.
        • Character types that will need Admin Approval:
          • Forsaken
          • Monarchs
          • Nobility of high rank
          • Amyrlin, Keeper, Mistress of Novices
          • M’Hael, (Any other high-ranking Asha’man)
          • Doom-Seer (Can see visions of the future, like Min)
          • Channelers with an unusually high level of strength
          • Blademasters
            • If you think you have a character that might need admin approval, feel free to ask a staff member.
  • Ta’veren
      • Ta’veren will only be available to apply for during set times at the discretion of the admin.  
      • The admin will post in the announcements when they are accepting applications for Ta’veren.
      • If an existing character is being submitted to be made into a Ta’veren, there will need to be added details to their bio to reflect a well thought-out character.
        • If an existing character is submitted as Ta’veren with no changes to the bio, they will be declined.
      • New characters will have bios filled out as usual.
      • When the period of accepting applications for ta’veren is over, the admin will review the applicants and make a decision.
      • Whether or not any new Ta’veren are approved, the admin will make an announcement.
Abby Soulane - Accepted
Torianin Soulane - Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah
Jhanic of the Serai Tomanelle - Algai d'siswai and Asha'man
For characters that the Admin is creating that will need Admin approval, the position of Admin Assistant has been created.

(Because I'm not going to be the all-powerful type of admin.  😉 )
Abby Soulane - Accepted
Torianin Soulane - Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah
Jhanic of the Serai Tomanelle - Algai d'siswai and Asha'man