Name: Luka Valindor

Age: 37

Gender: Male

Origin: Amadicia

Occupation: Lord Captain Commander of the Children of the Light

Height 6 Feet
Hair: Black with grey streaks
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Fair
Other: Has a scar along his jawline

History: (300 words minimum)
Luka was born in 961 NE in Amador. His parents, although not members of the Children of the Light, greatly admired the Children and their mission to get find and eradicate those who operate in darkness. As a result, Luka learned this admiration and made it his mission to join the Children of the Light. His parents obviously encouraged this, and from a young age he began to learn the sword. His parents hired an off-duty child to teach him. They met twice a week for lessons, and he practiced his sword forms a half an hour daily until he joined the Children himself.

As soon as he was able, Luka enlisted in the Children as soon as he was able to. He immediately showed promise based on his prior sword training and his dedication to the mission of the Children of the Light and becoming the best he can. At this time, he increased his sword drills to an hour a day, and spent some free time (the little he had) in the practice yards sparring with others, taking any advice given by the Sword Masters. He rose quickly through the ranks, and was sent to serve in many areas of the Westlands, eventually being promoted to the rank of Hundredman. He used this opportunity to learn military tactics and apply them in smaller areas.

Recognizing his talent, he was promoted to Lieutenant. He continued to serve and learn, taking his new duties underfoot with ease. His dedication continuing to move him through the ranks. It was during his tenure as a Lieutenant that he discovered a terrible fact. Lord Captain Derryon, his superior officer, was a darkfriend. He found this out through an intercepted message. Finding this out, he took the messenger into custody, turning him over to the Hand of the Light. Having been found out, the Lord Captain and Luka engaged in combat. Lord Captain Derryon was a blademaster, so the battle was difficult. Luka almost lost, dodging out of the way in time to save his neck, but not fast enough to avoid a cut on his jawline. In the end, Luka prevailed, defeating Lord Captain Derryon and earning his spot as a Lord Captain and the Heron-mark on his blade at the same time.

Taking his place as a Lord Captain, he continued to serve the Children of the Light honorably, but something began to trouble him. Luka had heard of the torture the messenger had experienced at the hand of the Inquisitors. The messenger had insisted that he walked in the Light, that he had only been hired to deliver the message. In the end, the messenger confessed, but something about it bothered Luka. What if the messenger had been an innocent that happened to get his strings pulled by the dark friends. As he thought about it, a skilled interrogator could make anyone confess to anything. Luka kept his thoughts to himself. It was a dangerous territory to walk among the Children. He still thought that darkfriends deserved no mercy, but he’d rather get a true confession as opposed to what the Inquisitors wanted to hear.

Upon the passing of his predecessor, Jaden’s dedication to the Children of the Light was recognized once more as the Lords Captain elected him to be the new Lord Captain Commander of the Children of the light in 998 NE. He thought with his new position, he could refine the methods of the Children of the Light to continue to find darkfriends and spread the Light to the world.
Vika Mathis - White Tower Novice
Luka Valindor - Lord Captain Commander of the Children of the Light
Ignis Caleum - Warder Recruit
Abby Soulane - Accepted
Torianin Soulane - Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah
Jhanic of the Serai Tomanelle - Algai d'siswai and Asha'man