Name:  Leala Gymorraine

Age:  34

Gender:  Female

Origin:  Andor

Occupation:  Aes Sedai of the White Ajah, Advisor to the Queen, Head of House Gymorraine

Appearance:  Leala is around the average height of a woman of Andor, at perhaps 5

4”.  She is curvy, like her mother, but is not plump.  While some men find this an invitation to approach her and attempt to flirt, they generally tend to give up their endeavor, when they see she is Aes Sedai.  Leala has pale skin and pale hair that while still has a gold tint, almost looks silver. Her eyes are a pale gray color that some have described as metallic.  While in Caemlyn, she wears her shawl everywhere, and keeps her house colors represented in some fashion, a deep blue, gray, and gold.

History: Leala was the first and only child of her parents, Cariane and Ailmar Gymorraine.  House Gymorraine, at its peak, had once been one of the Great Houses, and had played hands and turned tides in Succession Wars.  By the time Leala was born, it was still considered a powerful house, but among the smaller houses. Cariane was bound and determined to restore it to its former glory, something she had been striving for since she had taken the title of Head of House.  She taught Leala to make connections, to meet people in her lands, and took her to Caemlyn as much as possible. Leala hated it. She would have much rather been studying. She took after her father, exhibiting patience in the face of frustration and quiet in the midst of chaos.  But while her father was kind and strove to be friendly, she had her mother’s stubbornness.

Ailmar fell ill when she was fifteen.  At first, she found his illness distracting, until she decided that instead of worrying for him, she would help in his care.  In that time, she grew close to him, finding it strange that she counted a parent among her friends, of which she had few. She would read to him, take notes for him, bring food to him, and talk to him.  His illness passed after a few months, and while he no longer needed Leala’s care, she found speaking with him much easier. Soon after her bond with her father was cemented, an Aes Sedai came to visit. She identified herself as a sister of the Yellow Ajah and delved Ailmar when she heard he had recently recovered from an illness.  She told them that the worst was past him, but they should call on her if the illness resurfaced. Then, she turned her attentions on Leala.

Leala was not expecting to be found able to learn to channel.  And with gateways now in use again, she had little time to think on the matter.  She was in somewhat of a daze as she was escorted to the Mistress of Novices. She recovered well enough to conduct herself with a level head, and her name was added to the Novice Book.  Her time as a novice was frustrating, but not for her. She understood some of her chores from her time caring for her father, but many of her contemporaries found themselves in shock as Leala needed instructions for the most basic tasks. She excelled in her academic classes, which her Accepted instructors found maddening. She was of middling strength in the One Power, and she progressed about as quickly as other novices in that area. Though, making friends among her peers were nearly impossible, as she refused to break rules.

A year before she took the test to become Accepted, she found her Talent. She was a Dreamwalker. The materials on the matter were scarce at best, and any Aes Sedai she spoke with about it were simultaneously fascinated and frightened. Others had died in this place, and Leala would not be one of them. Whenever she found herself in the World of Dreaming, she was as careful as possible, taking notes and writing things down. She passed through the Arches at the age of twenty-two. As an Accepted, she threw herself into her studies of tel'aran'rhiod, learning as much as possible. She began to work with the Browns to compile her studies. This streak was broken by the death of her father, though.

With mourning, she became distracted. Her father had been her best friend. Now he was gone. How could she have ignored him for so long? Did she miss anything when she had gone to visit her family's lands in the dreams? Her mother wrote to tell her that his sickness had returned. Her family did not have access to gateways, so the news had been delayed, which made her mourning more profound. This period delayed her progress considerably, and she did not enter tel'aran'rhiod for a time because of it. When she did, she visited her father's rooms and found a small miniature portrait of her in his things. Since it was small and easily moved, she could not hold it for long, but Leala treasured it. It became her anchor.

Leala became an Aes Sedai at age twenty-eight. Her testing was grueling, but she had proven steadfast. She surprised the Browns by choosing the Whites. Even though she had religiously catalogued her studies into the World of the Dreaming, she was recording it for a logical purpose. The White Ajah was where she belonged. She visited her mother after gaining the shawl, and Aes Sedai or no, Cariane would train her daughter to manage her house. Leala proved adept at this training, as she had picked up much of it from the White Tower. The rest was logic, really. Although Aes Sedai were supposed to divest themselves of their homelands and titles, a noble family in Andor with a sister at its head was something to covet.

She became the Head of House Gymorraine at the age of thirty-two when her mother fell ill during an outbreak of bone-break fever. Healers were not able to reach her in time. Leala was barely strong enough to make gateways with her own power, but she was able to balance her life in the Tower with managing House Gymorraine's lands. After perhaps two years of this, the young queen of Andor, Edelyn Anshar, requested Leala as her advisor. While it was not spoken of directly, the young queen had proven infuriating, almost to the point of contention between the Tower and Andor. Though she was not her own first choice to advise a queen, and House Gymorraine had only shown a small amount of support for her ascension, she knew she had no choice. Edelyn had refused so many others.

Leala moved into the palace in Caemlyn and began her life with the young girl she remembered so little of in the White Tower.

Abby Soulane - Accepted
Torianin Soulane - Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah
Jhanic of the Serai Tomanelle - Algai d'siswai and Asha'man
Approved 🙂 
Avalan Mond'wil, Wolfsister, Warder trainee