Name:  Jhanic of the Serai Tomanelle

Age:  328

Gender:  Male

Origin:  Aiel

Occupation:  Shamad Conde, Thunder Walker (also has the rank of Asha'man)

Appearance:  Standing at 6’6”, Jhanic cuts an intimidating figure.  He has dark red hair and blue eyes, and his skin is darkened by the sun.  He wears the cadin’sor, and keeps his dragon and sword pins from the Black Tower under his shoufa.  Because of his prolonged channeling, Jhanic appears in his late 20s, when he started channeling.

Centuries in the Three-Fold Land, running with his spear brothers have added quite a bit of muscle, and numerous scars to his body, and some prominent ones to his face as well.  Three are of particular note. One runs from his right temple, down his cheek, and to his chin. It’s rather old and faded. Another crosses over this one, from the top of his ear, nearly to his nose.  One of the first male Wise Ones tried to Heal it, but it wasn’t effective enough to make it disappear. It appears nearly as old and faded as the first one. The last one was recently gained, and is rather puckered.  It starts at the left side of his hairline and runs to his eye. A quick block made sure that it missed his eye, though it ended on his cheek bone.


Chalin - Wife, died at 178 years old, Wise One
Inala - daughter, died at 47 years old, Maiden of the Spear
Charic - Son, 212 years old, Wise One

History:  Jhanic’s early life was the usual fare for a young Aiel boy with dreams of becoming an algai d’siswai.  He began training as a Thunder Walker at sixteen, his near-brother, a young man named Rhen, by his side.  He earned his first scar defending his near-brother from a Shaido Stone Dog. As he and Rhen considered saying the words in front of the Wise Ones to become first-brothers, something nagged at him, but he couldn’t tell what. Something felt strange to him.  The night before they were to meet with the Wise Ones, Jhanic engaged in battle with an algai d’siswai from the Goshien clan, named Kieron. As they fought, they were both taken aback when a wave of sand rushed toward Jhanic. The height and intensity of the wave made it clear that this was the workings of the One Power.  Jhanic reacted on instinct, and the sand was blocked by an invisible dome around him. They could both channel.

They agreed to put a stop to their battle and reported to their respective clans’ Wise Ones.  Jhanic’s own mother, a Wise One named Eandha, was the one to tell him he must go to the Blight.  He and Kieron met on the way, and they traveled in silence, their doom ahead, and their fight behind them.  As they neared the Blight, in the northern parts of the Three-Fold Land, they found a wetlander in a black coat, distracted by something they could not see.  They rushed him, but they were handily bound by invisible bonds. The man called himself Lex and said he was hiding from Aes Sedai.

The ensuing scene was full of ramblings from Lex, confusion from the two warriors for long enough Jhanic had stopped speaking completely, letting the other two talk between themselves. Kieron finally stopped when he noticed Jhanic had nothing more to add. The two could channel, yes, but they didn't have the training to free themselves from their bonds. Trying to question a man who was not in his right mind, supposedly, was not getting them anywhere. So, he told Lex why they were away from their clans. They could channel, but to keep their clans safe, they would face the Dark One in battle in the Blight. Lex seemed to understand what this would mean and began to offer training for them in the Black Tower. Neither Aiel had heard of the Black Tower. He assured them that Saidin had been cleansed.

The two algai d'siswai were unswayed. Their honor was at stake. Facing Sightblinder was the best they could do for their clans. Besides, they had no assurance besides this other man's words that Saidin had been cleansed. It was dangerous and foolish to think they could train with a tainted aspect of the One Power. Lex then gave them an offer. He would teach them to seize Saidin. If it was not tainted, they were free to come with him to the Black Tower to train. If it was tainted, they would be that much more prepared to face the Dark One. Jhanic and Kieron traded a long look. This offer held a lot of honor, on Lex's part. If it did prove his words, then they would have a decision to make, but if it didn't, then they would be free to go on their errand. They agreed.

Lex had not been lying, and so Jhanic and Kieron accompanied him to the Black Tower. Their trek across those miles was easy enough. Jhanic and Kieron hid easily from wetlander eyes that might strike confusion and chaos. The three of them trained in the One Power as they traveled as well. Saidin was clean, but it was still powerful and difficult to control. When they arrived, they trained with the soldiers in the Power, but not with the sword. They even stubbornly refused to wear the black coats of the Asha'man.

Jhanic discovered he had an affinity with Earth and Spirit in particular, and he was told he was considerably powerful as well. He learned to fight with the One Power and both the Aielmen thought of how this would help their clans when they returned. Jhanic and Kieron were given the sword pins of a Dedicated and wore them under their shoufas. It wasn't an actual sword, but the image of a sword still made them cringe.

During his training, Jhanic discovered he could make ter'angreal. A habit of his was to wash his spears when faced with a difficult problem. He discovered this talent by accidentally making one of his spears a ter'angreal while washing it. Almost unconsciously, he had seized Saidin, his mind already busy. Spirit and Earth danced along the length of the spear, and he kept it up, not pulling back in surprise. He had been told that talents felt natural and correct without much thought, and he did not want this to fail. Air and Water joined the weaves, and finally Fire. When he was done, he felt his strength rise and his emotions as well. He felt like he was engaged in a good dance of the spears. The emotions and strength faded when he set it back down.

When he had earned the dragon pin, Kieron was still working to earn his. He told the other man that he would tell Clan Goshien where he was and that he would join them when he was done. Jhanic thanked Lex, promising to keep in contact with the Black Tower. He left for the Three-Fold Land and eventually found his clan. The clan chiefs and Wise Ones were confused and frustrated at his appearance, but heard his story. When it was decided that he wasn't touched by the taint of the Dark One, he was welcomed back into the clan, and back to his spear-brothers.

Jhanic began to talk to the Wise Ones about training young men to channel, so that good algai d'siswai would not be lost anymore. They agreed, as long as they could keep watch on the process. He trained two young men at first, who had found they could channel by accident, like he had. Finding others was difficult, because men could not sense the ability, like women could. It was when Rhen's young son, Alarn, joined their ranks that talks began of men joining the Wise Ones. Alarn wielded a spear, but he also wanted to help guide his clan, like a Wise One.

After his training, the Wise Ones decided to send Alarn into Rhuidean. If he chose to join their ranks, he would need to be prepared like one of their apprentices. Men were still sent to the glass columns only, because of the wards around the ancient city. When he returned, he was changed and ready. As he was accepted into the Wise Ones, Jhanic was sent as well. There had been no talk of him becoming a Wise One, and they were adamant that he would not be a clan chief either. However, he had been training their young men and had begun to think of the clan and lead.

Jhanic experienced the lives of his ancestors in the glass columns and learned the difficult truths that the Aiel did not speak of. It was maddening and shocking, but when he left, he bore the dragon on his arm. He now felt like he had a more concrete place in his clan again. He watched with amazement at how women were sent to the glass columns to become clan chiefs now, and Maidens of the Spear took to being fierce mothers, if they chose, teaching their little ones the way of the spears with the same passion they held for the dance.

As the years went by, he built a family. He only married once, to a golden-haired Wise One named Chalin, with green eyes and a quiet intensity. Their daughter became a Maiden of the Spear, and their son became a Wise One after his abilities manifested. Jhanic was harder on his son in his training with Saidin than he was with his other students. Charic was a quick study, though.

The talent of Traveling was revealed to have been rediscovered when a gateway opened up and an Asha'man who had known Jhanic in training walked out. He could now keep his promise to keep in contact with the Black Tower. Some algai d'siswai considered becoming Asha'man as well. They knew they wouldn't be sent to Rhuidean like Jhanic, but some were not made to be Wise Ones.

Jhanic participated in the battle to keep the Seanchan from invading the rest of the continent. His strength in the Power was needed, and he had a toh to repay. Kieron joined the battle as well, but was struck down. Much of Jhanic's fighting was on the ground, against soldiers, spear against sword. When he saw a pair of damane and sul'dam, though, he felt no shame in using the One Power to kill.

He still trains young men in the One Power, offering counsel to the Wise Ones and clan chiefs as well. His son Charic served proudly alongside his mother until she died a century ago. She was not strong in the One Power and lived longer than most, but she was sorely missed. He and Charic visit the Black Tower regularly, to keep watch on the world outside the Three-Fold Land, and to see the man who saved Jhanic's life, all those years ago.

Abby Soulane - Accepted
Torianin Soulane - Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah
Jhanic of the Serai Tomanelle - Algai d'siswai and Asha'man
Avalan Mond'wil, Wolfsister, Warder trainee