Some of you will know me as "Arn" over at the Tar Valon.

Years back, I used to RP at Glimmers of the Wheel as an Asha'man diplomat/spy. Played for a couple years until the site crashed and faded away. While it was around it was a lot of fun though.
So I've been on the lookout for a place to stretch those creative writing muscles again.
At Glimmers, as one of the "Eyes of the Dragon"  we didn't exist to anybody outside of the group, so those of us who were members of Sei were required to play both the spy role and an 'official' role in one of the other Asha'man clans. It was a lot of fun, and offered a variety of stories. 

I'm not 100% settled on my avatar yet, but it'll do for now.

I noticed within the profile page, there was an option to upload/post other pictures, do you use that for various characters? Or just kinda random stuff? 

Anyway, I've read your setting threads and I have an idea for a character taking shape in my head... although I'm wondering if they'll need Admin/Mod approval because they could be considered on par with a blademaster I think. 

Nice to be here. *waves* 

Welcome to Heavier Than A Mountain. I’m Ignis over on TV! Good to see you here!
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Thank you! ðŸ»
Heather Maihgread
Hi there Jase! It's Heather aka Cahalan. Good to see you here!
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Thanks, Heather! ðŸ»

I've got my first character intro written and brainstorming a second now. ðŸ™‚
Hi, Jase, welcome!  😃
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