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Character bio form:

Name: Edelyn Anshar

Age: 20

Gender: female

Origin:  Andor

Occupation:  Queen of Andor

Appearance:  Edelyn looks more like a farmhand than royalty. Of average height and a slightly buxom figure, she seems like any number of girls seen within Andor’s borders. Edelyn’s brunette hair is thick and slightly wavy, and prefers to leave it loose for day-to-day dealings. She has narrow eyes, a bland shade of hazel, that appear to always be assessing those around her. Her skin is a tad too tan to be fair, with a smattering of freckles across her nose and rosy cheeks. On the rare occasion that she smiles, she has perfectly straight teeth and a pair of dimples that make her cute. Otherwise, she maintains an air of distance and distrust for those around her. She tends to wear dresses in the current Andoran fashion in various shades of red, a reflection of her house’s fox sigil.

History: When the day came for Edelyn Anshar to take the throne of Andor, she swore that there would be great changes. The Lion Throne passed to her grandmother after a ten year battle for succession, one of the longest feuds for the crown Andor had seen since House Trakand died out three centuries prior. And though Edaeryn had earned that right for House Anshar, the deals she had made for it to end the war had been difficult. The Great Game - once the domain of Andor’s southern neighbors of Cairhien and Tear - had become entrenched within the walls of Caemlyn, and Edelyn despised it. The Game had gotten her mother killed, even if she couldn't prove it. Evyan might have been more beauty than brains, but she certainly wasn't accident-prone as House Marne had claimed. Still, Edelyn knew better than to level an accusation at them that she couldn't prove. Yet.

Few still mistook Edelyn’s youth for inability. Edelyn had been a quiet child that some had dismissed as being slow of thought. Instead, she observed the dangers surrounding her family from a young age, studying and analyzing them as best she could. By the time she wa sent to the White Tower with her somewhat dimwitted step-brother and First Prince, Dharyle, Edelyn was ready to absorb as much from the Aes Sedai as she could. After all, it was said they invented Daes Dae'mar. What better way to learn how to try and kill it than to study under the masters?

But then the “accident” happened after only a year into her studies there, and she ascended to the Lion Throne at fifteen. It had been a difficult slog to weed her way through the sycophants and users to find trusted advisors. So far she had avoided getting roped into an expedient marriage with a house that would love to replace her rather than support her. The White Tower had fared little better in her mind, trying their best to make her a puppet queen to dance to their tune. After rejecting a series of advisors, Edelyn requested a young White sister from Andor that she remembered from her time at the Tower. Whites were known to stay above the Game, and she needed someone who could provide a logic to the world she craved. Plus House Gymorraine had remained neutral as much as anyone could during the past 20 years. That combined with the White’s knowledge of the players in this Game would be invaluable.

In the five years since her coronation, the political storms have calmed somewhat, but Edelyn doesn't trust the respite. She has kept her own deals that she made to a minimum, and intends to keep it that way.

Saowynn Ardashir, Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah
Lexandre do'Willox a'Hammel, Asha'man
Edelyn Anshar, Queen of Andor
Kaliska Vargrin, wolfsister