As a reminder, here are the rules and processes for creating an Admin-Approval Character:
  • Admin-Approval Characters
        • These characters will be sent directly to the admin via PM for approval
        • Any changes or concerns will be addressed by the admin to the writer
        • Once the admin approves a character, the writer will post the approved application in the Character Applications forum with an "Admin-Approved" tag in the title.
        • The admin will then confirm the approval and move the character to the Approved Characters forum.
          • If a character needing admin approval is posted without actual approval, it will be removed.
        • Character types that will need Admin Approval:
          • Forsaken
          • Monarchs
          • Nobility of high rank
          • Amyrlin, Keeper, Mistress of Novices
          • M’Hael, (Any other high-ranking Asha’man)
          • Doom-Seer (Can see visions of the future, like Min)
          • Channelers with an unusually high level of strength
          • Blademasters
            • If you think you have a character that might need admin approval, feel free to ask a staff member.








History: (300 words minimum)


Abby Soulane - Accepted
Torianin Soulane - Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah
Jhanic of the Serai Tomanelle - Algai d'siswai and Asha'man