Hi all! So I was enticed here after speaking to Heather about where I might find a place to write some WoT stories. Since nobody knows me from anywhere that I know of... I thought I'd give a little "how I play" write-up.

I prefer to outline a story before getting going. Being organic makes me nervous because I'm used to being alone, tapping away at my keyboard, in my little writing cave, though I have written in large groups in the past in a number of fandoms.

Sometimes I like to work in a shared GoogleDoc to store the outline, synopsis, and scene breakdown. I find this is especially helpful at the start and as a good touchstone for the writers to look at and keep the story going forward. For me it's about finding the story's beginning, middle, end, character development goals and what the main conflict of the story is going to be.

What are the stakes? What will be the sacrifices our characters make and how will it help them grow?

BUT! I'm totally open if we find out as we write that our characters have THEIR OWN IDEAS... collaborative writing is part discovery. 

The character that I currently have in the works is a Kin named Charene Malendar (see signature) who is basically a very old traveler and collector. She's pretty powerful in the OP but doesn't like to use it overmuch because of attracting the attention of the White Tower. She is not meant to be a main character but a supporting character to help you tell your stories. 

I also have ideas for three other characters -- one of which is poking me pretty hard to get out. But she's just going to have to wait! 

Charene Malendar
Seeker of Antiquities • Searcher of Wilders • Collector of Histories 

“I seek the oddities in the weave and unnatural patterns of the weft to keep the Wheel turning smoothly.”
Heather Maihgread
It will be a pleasure writing with you again after too long!
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