Name:  Arenha “Abby” Soulane

Age:  17

Gender:  Female

Origin:  Tar Valon (Shienaran, Seanchan)

Occupation:  Accepted of the White Tower

Appearance:  Abby is perhaps an inch or two taller than her mother at 5’6”.  She has pale skin with a light dashing of freckles around her cheeks.  She inherited her father’s blue eyes and black hair, but keeps it long and curly, like her mother’s.  Abby can usually be found with a book or a pen in her hand, ready to take notes, or scribble ideas. Always one to keep to the rules, she makes sure that her appearance is always up to code, wearing her Great Serpent ring on her left hand, and keeps her banded Accepted dress clean and free of wrinkles.

History:  Abby was born her her Torianin and Erishar Soulane, an Aes Sedai and her Warder in the White Tower.  Both her parents raised her for a few years, the Green Ajah understanding that Torianin would need some time with her child before she was sent away.  She grew very close with her parents. They tried to find her children to play with, but it was never easy. There simply weren’t a lot of children in the White Tower.  Occasionally, they would take her to the Black Tower, where her father received his training, but she still kept mostly to herself, happy to quietly daydream.

When she was five, her parents were called away, and she was left in the care of the White Tower.  An ambitious Accepted volunteered to help her, and would sometimes ask servants to help when she had other duties to tend to.  Abby tried to keep her composure, so everyone could get to their tasks, but she missed her parents. Instead of crying, she would look to help whoever was watching her as much as she could.  As she grew, this became cleaning, even when things didn’t need to be cleaned. Torianin noticed this, and while Erishar thought it was strange, he suggested that if it calmed her, they should let her.

Around the age of twelve, she noticed her mother finding things to do around the Tower, so she wouldn’t leave.  Abby was happy to spend time with her mother. She found time to go to the Library with her, talk to her Aes Sedai tutors, walk in the gardens with her, and generally encourage her to do things other than cleaning.  Her parents were eventually called away again, and Abby tried to pull away from her tidying. For the most part, it seemed to work. When her mother came home without her father, though, cleaning went out of her mind completely.  Erishar had been killed in their last mission. Torianin and Abby became closer than ever, comforting each other and encouraging each other.

Their life was quiet for a while, and they tried to move past their grief.  Torianin was eventually called away again. A little after Abby’s fifteenth nameday, she was in the Library.  She was reaching to grab a book on a shelf that was slightly too tall. A bit distracted by her ongoing thoughts, though, she extended her reach as far as she could, then watch in amazement as the book tilted toward her and fell neatly into her hand.  A Brown quickly found her and ushered her to the Mistress of Novices. Knowing her mother had been looking forward to testing her for the ability to channel, she left a message for her when she returned.

Her time as a novice was difficult in that she couldn’t see her mother.  She was distracted, but was a good student, as she always had been. Abby tried to keep up with chores the best she could, and generally kept her nose out of trouble.  Her teachers in the One Power went on and on about her potential, though. It was odd. She almost felt as if she shouldn’t have so much power. She had nearly burned herself out on her first lesson.  She tried to hold herself back in channeling, but that seemed to make things worse. Her teachers worked with her, but it was her mother’s voice from the past, reminding her that it was acceptable to speak up and express herself that slowly gave her the confidence to move forward in force with her studies in the One Power.

Two and a half years as a novice was nearly unheard of, but she entered the Three Arches when summoned.  All this praise and astonishment still felt alien to her. She couldn’t see herself performing any kinds of feats, even now.  Still, she passed through the First Arch and encountered a world where she had been born to other parents. These parents were none too fortunate in their ends, and Abby had been kidnapped by a darkfriend.  In order not to be brought to the Shadow, she had to force herself to harm the man to get past him. In the Second Arch, she found herself unable to channel, being trained as a servant in the White Tower. She grappled with feelings of frustration.  Why couldn’t she even be considered as a clerk? The arch forced her to move past her need to satisfy authority and abandon this path entirely. In the Third Arch, she found herself surrounded by Aes Sedai who saw her as their sister in the Borderlands, facing the Blight.  They marched in to find a nest of Trollocs and myrddraal that had been terrorizing a town. She found in her strength she didn’t know was there, and even had to summon it as it fled when a Trolloc bore down on her. The world around her shook as she channeled Fire to end the Trolloc’s attack, and she found herself in the stone chamber again.

Life in the White Tower, now as an Accepted it still difficult.  At least now she can visit with her mother. Accepted at this point have usually had time to think of their future Ajah more seriously.  Abby has an idea of what she’s not, but hasn’t pin-pointed her future home. The Browns are nearly smug now, as she walks through the Library.  The Whites’ eyes linger on her, sizing her up. Even the Greens have made hints and given suggestions to her. Her mother is a Green, after all.  She still clings to Torianin’s advice from her childhood. Things will work themselves out. The Wheel will weave her future, and it will be up to her to see it through.

Abby Soulane - Accepted
Torianin Soulane - Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah
Jhanic of the Serai Tomanelle - Algai d'siswai and Asha'man
Moved and Approved!!
Avalan Mond'wil, Wolfsister, Warder trainee