• Kronos' Plotting

    Hello all! Think I'd like to introduce some ideas I have for characters. They may or may not be created. I don't really have names yet lol. ...

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    Started by LordKronos87

  • The Plotting Forge for Jase

    *Ring, ting and clanging sounds echo about as hammer falls repeatedly on anvil. Assorted character molds lay nearby alongside crucibles filled with...

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    Started by Jase

  • Group Chat?

    Hi, guys! I'm one of those people who has to plan when I chat with people. But, I see a lot of ideas bouncing around, and it might be a good...

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    Started by Leala


    So, once my Accepted Abby is done teaching Vika how to channel, I'd like to have her be put in a challenging or drastic situation. Poor girl needs a...

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    Started by Leala

  • Heather's Plotter

    Here are my characters. I have no solid plans for anyone else, so I'm game for anything! 1. Edelyn Anshar, Queen of Andor (I swear she's almost...

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    Started by Heather

  • Ann's Plotting Kitchen

    Hi all! So I was enticed here after speaking to Heather about where I might find a place to write some WoT stories. Since nobody knows me from...

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    Started by Char

  • Adanys's Plots and Stuff

    I'm excited to be writing again!! My characters have been quiet for a while, but with the smell of new RP opportunities, they're waking up! Come...

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    Started by Adanys

  • Kae's Plotter

    I guess let's start talking characters?! So, I have two I'm up for jumping into with. 1) My Red from Grey Tower - Carraidhin. She's kinda like an...

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    Started by Kaesidhe

  • Leala's Plotter

    So, I have my little Accepted, Abby approved. 😃 She has not told me which Ajah she would like to join. She is good for teaching and such, but...

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    Started by Leala

  • We fight the shadow until our last breath

    Training with various masters was but preperation for what was to come. The shadow that would lie over us had to be delayed while those with the...

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    Started by Qualiyn