• Questions

    Post a thread here if you have a question for staff. You can still send a PM if you'd like.

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  • Rules: Character Creation

    Before you read the rules for character creation, keep in mind these rules will be expanded upon when necessary in the Character Application forum. ...

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    Started by Leala

  • Rules: RP Etiquette

    My aim for this site is to be a fun writing experience, where people can relax. These rules are meant to take pressure off all players and minimize...

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    Started by Leala

  • Now Offering: Custom Titles!

    Because I can! 😃 They're always fun, and easy for me to add. Respond here with a title you would like. ^^

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    Started by Leala

  • Ain't Anxiety Fun?

    I'm sorry for my delay in responses to you guys. I had a really rough week, as far as anxiety goes. I'm starting to get my thoughts back together,...

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    Started by Leala

  • Introducing Our Staff!

    Staff that’s not me. Lol We now have two mods: Rasheta Sedai will be checking channelers’ bios. Heather will be checking non-channelers’...

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    Started by Leala

  • Hiring Mods!!

    Hi, guys! I ideally need two moderators to start with. I know we're just now getting start, but I think multiple mods would be a good start. ...

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    Started by Leala

  • I seem to have made a website!

    The board is lonely while I'm working on it, so I'll just post this as a bookmark.

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    Started by Leala